New complex and evolving legislation, mergers, de-mergers, acquisitions and re-focusing are issues facing all companies in the modern business environment. The need to improve profitability and obtain optimum value from resources is therefore a critical aspect for management to consider.

In such situations the existing pension resource is often relied upon to deal with the many pension issues arising.  This can result in normal administration and services to scheme members and the Trustee being compromised with outcomes that are less than optimal.

C A P Services has been established to support and address pensions issues in an environment that is continually changing.

Adding To Your Team

In the circumstances highlighted above the internal pensions resource may struggle to manage the additional workloads at a time when the Trustees responsibility and accountability is ever increasing.

Where this situation arises it is clear that the Trustees may be faced with more restricted information flow particularly where corporate activity takes priority to fiduciary responsibility. In these instances it is possible that procedures and process may compromise the scheme's integrity and expose the Trustees to personal liability whilst reducing the on going security for the scheme membership.

CAP Services can support the Scheme Trustees by:-

  • Taking a leading role on behalf of the Trustee(s) to ensure all appropriate issues are raised at Trustee meetings including arranging meetings and issue of appropriate information prior to meetings.

  • Facilitating discussions/communications between the Trustee body and the sponsoring company management to ensure all required issues are communicated.

  • Evaluating the quality and "value" of the services provided direct to the Scheme/Trustees and lead/support the transition process when external service providers are being re-evaluated or changed.

  • Overseeing the administration services being provided.

  • Other add-hoc services/analysis as required from time to time by the Trustees to reduce the potential of legal non-compliance and enhancing Trustee awareness of critical issues.

Note in most circumstances it is expected that C A P Services Limited will be appointed to act independently of any existing internal or external resources in place.  It is, however, expected that an open communication process will be adopted to ensure all issues can be aired fully.  The Trustee(s) are then able to make a better informed decision on key issues.


Your Independent Pensions Specialist


Ultimate fiduciary responsibility for the pension scheme must rest with the Trustees as a body.  C A P Services will not normally act as an Independent Trustee as such an appointment might, in certain circumstances, compromise the ability of the Trustee board to make their own decisions as lay Trustee(s).

C A P Services will take on mandates that support the Trustees in their role in a totally independent manner.

Basis of Appointment

C A P Services can act for Trustee(s) on either a fixed retainer basis working in partnership for the schemes well being or on a project basis to deal with specific issues as they arise.  As circumstances and Trustee needs vary significantly C A P Services is prepared to be as flexible as possible to ensure the appointment meets the Trustees needs.

Further Information

If your Scheme is faced with critical changes either from the effect of corporate activity or resource changes contact C A P services for a no obligation informal discussion or meeting to review your specific needs.