Pension and associated benefit issues need to be considered by all businesses operating in the international market place.  The demographic trends of an ageing population have resulted in most economies taking steps to transfer the burden of retirement provision from the state to the private sector.


In doing so, pension obligations are now an increasing feature to be assessed when expanding or operating in overseas markets.  This applies equally to the developed countries and to many of the new third world countries where private pension provisions are becoming mandatory.


The skills needed to deal with pensions outside the UK are different to those needed when dealing with UK plans. Many UK based pension consultancy businesses do not have any direct international experience. Information is often supplied from associates and a simple translation of a report can be of little value.  Experience of dealing with non-UK terminology and perceptions is a good start when operating in the international market place but first hand experience of dealing with culture sensitivity is a must if appropriate quality feedback is to be obtained.


C A P Services has the skill needed to operate for you in all international territories to ensure that you have a full picture of the pension structures in place and to undertake on your behalf: -


Full international pensions and benefits audits.

International benefit and investment risk analysis.

A liaison and co-ordination role to assist with annual pension and benefit cost reporting under the latest international accounting standard guidelines.

Establishing global benefit objectives.

Establishing and managing international pension programmes for ex-patriot and internationally mobile employees.


If you have responsibility for retirement or termination benefits with an international perspective please contact C A P services for a no obligation informal discussion, or a meeting to review your specific needs.