New complex and evolving legislation, mergers, de-mergers, acquisitions and re-focusing are issues facing all companies in the modern business environment.  The need to improve profitability and obtain optimum value from resources is therefore a critical aspect for management to consider.

Unfortunately, due to time pressures on management, many companies are unable to deal with (or even omit to consider) the complex issue of pensions in the planning and change process.

In many instances (e.g. after an acquisition or sale) the existing pension resource is often relied upon to deal with the many pension issues arising and the result of this delayed involvement along with extreme pressure on resource, is often less than optimum in terms of outcome and value added.

C A P Services has been established to support and address pensions issues in an environment that is continually changing.

Adding To Your Team

In the circumstances highlighted above the internal pensions resource may be unable to, or have limited experience of dealing with the new tasks or the additional workloads at a time when actions are needed immediately to re-focus the pension scheme(s).

C A P Services can support management by:-

  • Assisting in evaluating the key pension programs.
  • Working with the HR/Reward team to establish pension program objectives and integration with reward strategies.
  • Working with the in-house pensions resource to project manage scheme changes to deliver strategic objectives.
  • Establishing and managing project plans to address pension issues.
  • Providing interim management when existing resource is depleted/changing or under pressure.
  • Assisting or leading communications road-shows to employees.

Note in most circumstances it is expected that C A P Services will be appointed to compliment the existing internal pension resource.  This will enable them to deal with their ongoing duties and provide support where the matters to be addressed are new and complex.  C A P Services can also be appointed to provide an interim management resource or to act as liaison between the pension scheme and the many external advisors used in the management of pensions schemes.


Additional Added Value

 'Your Independent Pensions Consultant'


In changing environments all existing resources and services need to be continually evaluated against strategic objectives and the need to be adding value.

The ability of many companies to be able to evaluate the existing services or in fact to be aware of other pension service providers, is often compromised by existing relationships and limited resource.

C A P Services can act for you impartially as follows: -

  • Establish business needs.
  • Evaluate quality standards.
  • Prepare comparative analysis on providers.
  • Introduce providers more appropriate to your business needs.
  • Prepare evaluation forms for "Beauty Parades".
  • Support/lead meetings with prospective service providers to evaluate and assist with the decision process.
  • Evaluating terms of engagement and fee structures either current or prospective.

Further Information

 If your organisation is undergoing change and pension issues are "slipping" behind, contact C A P Services for a no obligation informal discussion, or meeting to review your specific needs.