C A P Services Limited was established to meet specific skills, and resourcing needs in the company and trustee pensions arena.


Jerry Gandhi on departure from his Role as Group Pensions Director of Inchcape plc, established the Company to provide an effective and independent resource not normally available to companies and trustees from the current consultancy organisations.


C A P Services aims to compliment the services of your existing consultants who do an admirable job of providing long term regular support to the pension schemes and client companies.


These consultants, do however, often have difficulty in providing focused support at short notice.  With the many other clients each consultant has to "service" their availability will be restricted when material issues arise. This does mean that the resolution of urgent matters may take longer than is ideal both in terms of delivering the outcome and costs associated with delays in resolving the issue.


Jerry is a well-known and respected person in the corporate pensions industry having started his pension career in 1976. He worked briefly in an insurance environment followed by 6 years in the consultancy arena with the last 16 years in industry running large pension schemes for three different employers.


At Inchcape plc he was responsible for the global pension plans of the Company reporting directly to a main Board Committee on all pensions, investments and related accounting and risk management issues.  During this period he was actively involved in many scheme mergers and de-mergers and a key participant in the acquisition and sales process.


With his links in the industry and extensive contacts he is able to assist personally or, via a network of specialists, bring in suitable skills to tackle all pension scheme related issues. The key aspect of the service is the ability to think from either, or both, the company/trustee perspective as applicable using his significant experiences gained from personal involvement in tackling a broad range of issues in the pensions industry.  This background, linked to the independent nature of the service, will ensure that your issues are handled expediently and impartially saving you both time and money.