Most large and middle size organisations already have quality in house pension teams operating on tight budgets and headcount restrictions. With the pensions market becoming increasingly complicated, and corporate activity level at its highest for many years, these pension teams often find they are over stretched and thus unable to maintain the high service standards required to meet plan members needs and expectations.


Pension regulations now impose tight timetables on basic duties and if these fall down, the company and the trustees are increasingly faced with the threat of legal sanction or even criminal charges.


Pension schemes tend to represent the single highest spend after basic salary in the compensation package.  It is therefore essential that the cost of providing this benefit be fully appreciated by the employees. Effective management and communications are critical to this process and any failure to maintain these, at times of change, can materially impact on the perceived value and adversely affect staff motivation.


When faced with non-routine pension matters the company and/or trustees normally rely on ad-hoc support from their usual scheme advisor.  They are however, well placed to give regular support but not usually able to devote sufficient resources at time of special need. This often means intermittent support at premium cost which can be less than optimal for delivering an expedient solution.


C A P Services can assist in any of these situations to provide a focused person or team, to tackle the situation in partnership with the existing internal/external structure.